In Loving Memory
Stephen Lewis Swan

July 13, 1981 - June 19, 2008

Steve's fifth (of six) album is now available on CDBaby


Listen (with commercial breaks) on YouTube

Steve and one of his best friends, Matthew Butler, were senselessly murdered in the early morning hours of June 19, 2008, as they were leaving Matt's recording studio, Zion Gate Records, in Garland, Texas.

During his short lifetime, Steve wrote hundreds of songs and recorded many of them. Others are preserved as rough demos and sheet music.

FREE MUSIC - All songs on Steve's second, third and fourth albums (in which he was accompanied by younger brother Mike on drums, under the band name "Freebore") can be heard, free of charge, by going to the "clips" tab of the original Freebore web page and scrolling down to "The Old Tracks:"

Original Freebore Web Page
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The following photo tribute on YouTube is set to the background of two of Steve's most recent songs: "All The Footprints" and "God Forgive Us All:"

All The Footprints

This photo tribute (also on YouTube) is set to the background of his song, "We All Die Before Our Time." Steve was battling Hodgkins Lymphoma during 2007, and we believe that was what inspired this song:

We All Die Before Our Time

More YouTube videos featuring Steve's music:

Streetside September
I'm A Roller
It Don't Mean Nothing
My Only Love (Live)

Before they changed their name to "Freebore," the boys called their band the "xRay Betas." They had a free site with angelfire, which is still up. They were a little younger, and we get a kick out of viewing it from time to time.

The xRay Betas!

Freebore03 at gmail dot com