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... like you need another reason to love Freebore ...

In Loving Memory of Steve Swan

New Album: Like New, Needs Work

Tracks on this album -- click on each to hear a sample:
  1. That's What I Told You Before
  2. Steal A Heart Tonight
  3. I Met A Beggar
  4. Nikki
  5. Do You Want To Hear It Again
  6. Left Drinking Alone
  7. All The Footprints
  8. I Can't See The Highway
  9. Dead In Dallas
  10. Dark House
  11. Streetside September
  12. I Left My Hope In A Brown Paper Bag

Four complete songs from "Like New, Needs Work" can be heard on our Myspace page

The Old Tracks:

These are whole songs! Enjoy...

Lonesome Tavern Man (2004) Tracks:
  1. On A Cloud/I Would Move You
  2. One Lost Soul
  3. Nothing More To Be Said To You
  4. Lonesome Tavern Man
  5. My Only Love
  6. Leave No Sorrow
  7. Profoundly Amazed
  8. Downtown Traffic Speed
  9. Clear The Road
  10. Family Friends
  11. Rich Baby Blues
  12. I'm A Roller
  13. World Keeps Turning 'Round
  14. I Ain't Lookin'
Baring Our Sound (2003) Tracks:
  1. The Doctor Said
  2. Yes I Only Wanted A Little Love
  3. Put It On All Night
  4. I'll Survive
  5. It's Been A Long Time
  6. Why Didn't Your Mama Tell You
  7. Stayin' Home Tonight
  8. Don't Lose Me
  9. Sad Thing
  10. I'd Be Afraid
  11. Depths
  12. Carry My Bag (Rock And Roll Version)
  13. Mister Meyer
  14. I Remember A Time
  15. The Loneliest Man
Emptiness Is Like A Homecoming Train (2002) Tracks:
  1. Emptiness Is Like A Homecoming Train
  2. Carry My Bag
  3. Everybody
  4. Figure It Out
  5. Lightshow
  6. Said I Love You
  7. You Can't Believe Everything You Hear
  8. Ready For Your Love (Instrumental)
  9. You Took My Baby
  10. Old Year
  11. Be Alright Tomorrow
  12. Memories Of A Girl

All music is © Copyright by Steve Swan.
All sound recordings are © Copyright by Freebore.