Douay-Rheims Bibles
(Baronius Press)

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All three editions feature durable Smyth-sown bindings. There are three Papal encyclicals on Holy Scripture at the front of each Bible, which are very interesting reads, even if you are not Catholic. Between the Old and New Testaments are 32 illustrations on glossy paper.

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The first Douay-Rheims Bible that we purchased was the "pocket size" edition. Unless you have really big pockets, it is probably best to consider it a "compact size" Bible, although it probably WOULD fit into the inside pocket of a man's suit coat.

This is the 2005 edition, but was printed in 2006. The cover is bonded leather.

Although we had just received the pocket size edition a few months earlier, I found out that a certain vendor had obtained a shipment of "defects" of the standard sized editions, in both flexible and hard covers. The defects were said to be quite minor, but the Bibles could not be sold at full price so the vendor was selling them at half price.

I was unable to make up my mind whether I wanted the flexible cover or the hard cover, so I bought one of each.

This one has the flexible cover, and it is the 2005 edition.

This is the hardcover version of the 2005 standard size edition. The cover is leather stretched over stiff cardboard.

Here is a photo of Lamentations, Chapter One. Lamentations has an acrostic structure. In all but Chapter Three, each verse starts with a different letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The names of the Hebrew letters are given at the beginning of each verse.

In Chapter Three, three successive verses begin with the same letter, and so on through the 22 character alphabet.

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